Hans Hannula – Basic of Market Astrophisics

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Hans Hannula - Basic of Market Astrophisics

$39.97 $997.00

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Hans Hannula – Basic of Market Astrophisics

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Basics of Market AstroPhysics

Basics of Market AstroPhysics is a 2 hour home video I made in 1991, back when I was using the pen name Hans Hannula. For a long time I sold it as a product. But the cost of copying and mailing video tapes made it a marginal product, so I discontinued it in early 2006.

However, it is a good discussion of Market AstroPhysics and is worth watching, now that Internet video technology permits electronic delivery. To play this video, you must have Windows Media Player or another player that can play .WMV files.

Basics of Market AstroPhysics


General Information | Background Information | Details

General Information TOP

Course/Seminar name: Basics of Market AstroPhysics

Cost (flat fee or per hour rate): $50.00

This course/seminar would be best suited for:

Beginners interested in trading

Novice traders

Professional traders

Course/Seminar taught via:

Television (videotapes)

Brief explanation of Course/Seminar

A VHS video. This is a classic. Explains the Solar energy system and how it functions to move markets. Includes discussion of chaotic nature of markets. 1hr 45min

Background Information TOP

Course/Seminar instructor(s): Dr. Hans Hannula, PhD, RSA, CTA

Brief explanation of instructor(s) experience:

Dr. Hannula holds a PhD in Computer and Electrical Engineering. He has developed a unique Market Chaos Theory. He is an active trader who puts his theories to the test of real time trading in stocks and commodities.

Time required to complete the course/seminar: 1-5 hours

Course/Seminar location(s) (if travel required):

Markets followed:




Is software required for the course/seminar? No

Is software supplied with the course/seminar? No

Resources provided:


Course/Seminar topics:

Fundamental analysis

Technical analysis

Futures and Options trading

Stock screening

Using charts and indicators

Day trading


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