Guy Cohen – TradeTheBanks Training Package

$45.97 $997.00

Guy Cohen - TradeTheBanks Training Package

$45.97 $997.00

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Guy Cohen – TradeTheBanks Training Package

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What a hard life!

Now here are some other amazing features of TradeThe Banks which makes this arguably the most exciting system currently available:

We don’t trade in advance of any move. Instead…

…We trade when the market has already revealed its direction.

If the market doesn’t make the anticipated move, we don’t lose. (If you trade already, you’ll be amazed by this!)

When we DO win, the amount can be unlimited!

If we lose, we can only lose small amounts.

This is as Easy as You Buying on eBay

If you’ve ever bought something on a website like Amazon or eBay then you’ll find it easy to make these trades.

You’ll be using an investment tool that’s awesomely powerful, but as easy to use as making a purchase online.

Follow exactly what I tell you in Trade The Banks and soon (actually VERY soon — this weekend if you get your skates on) YOU could be the one banking hundreds of pounds per trade!

I honestly believe that you can make a small fortune from trading but only if you have…

The right tools.

The right technique.

Someone to stand by you and guide you towards these big profits.

I’m going to give you all that and more when you buy Trade The Banks.

A Word About Trading

‘Trading’ can sound very high-brow can’t it?  It’s certainly useful to impress people at parties if they ask what you do! Yet it’s very easy to understand — I’ve proved that by showing different types of people how to do this. Thousands of people from all walks of life.

My students have collectively made millions as a result of learning my trading secrets.

‘Dear Guy

This is just to say I have made $3,400.00 in one week from MGM. Keep up the great work and many thanks.’

William Dillon (London)

Guy Cohen – TradeTheBanks Training Package

I’ve given you a little background on how I came up with this, but please understand there is nothing technical or difficult in using it. If you can point and click a mouse, you’re in.

Here’s how it works in practice. Using this system is about as easy as it gets…

You log onto a special members-only website for which I will give you the private URL and ‘combination lock’ password. No trawling through thousands of stocks — I’ll show you how to select the hot stocks and where movement is likely to happen soon.

Pick a stock you fancy — look at the chart and check for a simple pattern. Please don’t worry about this. In the video tutorial DVDs you’ll receive, I will walk you through this step-by-step. It’s total child’s play. If you trade already you’ll know how easy this part is and won’t need convincing.

Now here’s the impressive secret weapon…

If you see a pattern, one click brings up the OVI for confirmation. Then trade it and watch the money roll in. (If you’ve never done it before ‘trading the stock’ is just a few more mouse clicks. Again, I’ll walk you through it on the training videos. If you’re in the UK you can spread-bet this too!)

I’d like to say it was a lot more complex than that, but the truth is, it isn’t! Most days you’re done in ten minutes. On a busy day you’ll be playing at your PC for maybe 30 minutes.

It really is the most remarkable way of making money and I’m the envy of my friends and family. They work 40+ hours a week in jobs they can’t stand and are puzzled about how I’ve made five times the money they do – in under thirty minutes a day!

I can do this (and so can you) because of my elegant software crunching away behind the scenes. Without those algorithms and raw computing power it would be very time consuming and tedious to do — almost impossible in fact.

All the work is done for you, leaving you with virtually nothing to do. Talk about the lazy way to trade! This is surely it.

I certainly don’t want to spend hours on my trading, and I’m sure you don’t either. Once you understand the inside secrets and have access to this powerful ‘one click’ OVI tool, all you really need is about 30 minutes a day — the computer does everything else for you.

That’s what should really excite you as much as it excites me. This is the very opposite of taking risks. In fact, if you will simply follow my instructions to the letter, there need be hardly any risk at all.

For the first time ever, what this means is…

We have SIMPLE RULES to ensure we trade safely, take some profits early and ride the rest for as long as possible.

My unique approach ensures SAFETY FIRST plus WINDFALL potential.


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