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About Gregoire Dupont – Education

Finance is a very complex compendium of theories relating to economics, trading and consumer behavior. Because of the constant change in the market and consumer preferences, it is very important to understand that the real-time application of all theories. At Gregoire Dupont – Education, these circumstances are kept in mind when curating services that help facilitate traders in their journey.

Their immaculate services help provide valuable insight into the world of trading, finance, consumers and economic forces. Gregoire Dupont has 20 years of experience as a Portfolio Manager and Professional trader which has equipped him with extensive knowledge about the financial institutions. His extensive knowledge and experience are accumulated as an educational series for students, beginner traders and even finance specialists. The theory and explanation are backed by visual data projected through excel sheets, charts, graphs and diagrams. Dupont has successfully combined years of data and made it applicable in this modern economy.

Specialized services:

The market experience and knowledge help provide specialized services for you at Gregoire Dupont – Education. These services help facilitate in building strategies and formulating financial projections for personal or organizational purposes.

·        One on one mentorship

·        Economic trend analysis

·        Investment Consultation

·        Financial Projections

·        Asset Classification

·        Investment Multiplications

·        Implementation and Uses of Financial Instruments

·        Overview of Stock Market

The visuals used to study and analyze the past and the present help form projections for the future. Gregoire Dupont – Education ensures a platform where every individual’s needs are catered to and customized services are provided to ensure an ultimate conclusion. Finance, trade and economics are accumulated to make sure that their services provide accurate, conclusive and up to date data.


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