Goldenoptiontrading – Golden option trading

$17.97 $100.00

Goldenoptiontrading - Golden option trading

$17.97 $100.00

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Goldenoptiontrading – Golden option trading

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Before receiving the services of goldenoptions and/or their trade signals, the client must acknowledge that

They understand the nature of the services offered by goldenoption as well as all the information given to them

1.1. The client acknowledges and accepts any and all risks associated with trading, be it with forex, margins or

Any other trades done on the market.

1.2. The client acknowledges and understand that past trades, profits and market performance done by goldenoption is in no way representative of any future success.

1.3. The client has the responsibility to take the information (trade signals) given by goldenoptions and

Make the appropriate analysis and actions based on that information.

1.4. The client must take responsibility for all trades in any fashion, from open to close and any costs related

1.5. The client must take responsibility for all losses due to trading done while using the services offered by

Goldenoption. Goldenoption is not responsible for any loss in capital due to trading for any reason whatsoever.

1.6. The client acknowledges that due to technical limitations, the timing and price of trades can differ from what goldenoption might display.


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