George Angell – Spyglass LSS Day Trading Workshop

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Author: George Angell

You’ll discover how to tell with great certainty when the market will collapse. You’ll learn how to gauge what price it will not pass. And you’ll learn some powerful indicators that allow you to pinpoint highs, lows and market moves well in advance of the move.

More importantly, you’ll find out how to turn a loser into a winner. And you’ll learn how to protect yourself from the sharks – and actually profit from their moves.

Spyglass LSS Day

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In addition, you’ll learn:

The science of 90%+ accurate price projection

How to tell if the market will be trending on any given day

How to identify the forces that pinpoint impending moves

Setting up a “defensive perimeter”

How to time the opening trade

How to use the open

How to monitor morning trade – when to avoid it, when to exit

Using price action to identify the afternoon trade

How to determine the closing price

And much, much more!

Included 3 workshop video DVDs in original case


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