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Author: George A.Fontanills & Tom Gentile

George A.Fontanills is a retired hedge fund manager. He is also the founder of Optionetics (, the world leader in options education, with offices around the world specializing in teaching high-profit, low-risk, low-stress options trading strategies. Tom Gentile is Chief Options Strategist for Optionetics, a money manager, and the founder of Profit Strategies (, the leader in stock market education.

The Index Trading Course

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Author Information

GEORGE A. FONTANILLS heads Pinnacle Investments of America, Inc., a hedge fund and money management company ( Pinnacle has recorded amazing returns for its investors with high-profit, low-risk trading strategies. For many years, George Fontanills has been publishing his strategies through, a free Web site, and by teaching at Optionetics seminars. Prior to Pinnacle, he was a principal in a floor operation on the American Stock Exchange. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Red Herring, and, and appears on Bloomberg, CNNFN, and CNBC. His other bestselling books include Trade Options Online, The Options Course, and The Options Course Workbook.

Avoid costly trading mistakes with this workbook that tests readers’ investment knowledge

No one enters the stock market in the hopes that they may actually lose money on their investments. Sadly, most do. Avoid expensive trading blunders with this hands-on workbook designed to test readers’ investment savvy. Developed by a popular stock trading instructor, The Stock Market Course Workbook quizzes readers on their knowledge of the concepts presented in Fontanills’s The Stock Market Course. Because mistakes are costly in the stock market, this accessible study guide provides readers with the opportunity to trade “fake money” before risking their real assets in the market. The invaluable lessons learned in this workbook could save readers thousands of dollars in investment mistakes.

Table of Contents


Welcome to the Stock Market.

Solving the Broker Dilemma.

The World of Stocks.

Critical Trading Approaches.

The Versatility of Options.

Broad Market Analysis.

Exploring Fundamental Analysis.

Analyzing Company Reports.

Technical Analysis Unveiled.

Sentiment Analysis Essentials.

Studying the Masters.

Taking Advantage of Market Behavior.

The Path to Trading Success.

A: Financial Profile Templates.

B: Stock Analysis Template.

C: Market Time Line.

D: Basic Strategy Reviews and Risk Graphs.

E: Options Expiration Month Codes.

F: Strike Price Codes.

G: Variable Option Deltas.

H: Intermarket Relationships.

I: Lists and Tables.

J: Types of Orders.

K: Exchanges and SEC.

L: Media Sources and Web Sites Guide.

M: Online Brokerage Directory.

N: Formulas.


  • TOM GENTILE is Chief Operations Strategist for the Global Investment Research Corp. and, and is also a contributing writer in numerous publications, including Fortune, Barron’s, and the Wall Street Journal. He is George Fontanills’s trading partner and coinstructor at Optionetics seminars. He is currently hard at work with George on a new book entitled The Volatility Course, to be published by John Wiley & Sons in 2002.

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