Gapedgetrading – Advanced Gap Course

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Gapedgetrading - Advanced Gap Course

$29.97 $299.00

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Gapedgetrading – Advanced Gap Course

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What is Trading?

At tradimo you will learn how to trade the financial markets online – but exactly what is online trading? This article will give you an understanding of how trading can be defined and how online trading works.

Everybody is familiar with the term “trading”. Most of us have traded in our everyday life, although we may not even know that we have done so. Essentially, everything you buy in a store is trading money for the goods you want.

I traded with my proprietary method with the Mastering the Gaps Seminar from studying Gaps and trading them successfully from 2000 to 2010.

 In 2010, I taught the seminar live, recorded it, and placed it ON-Demand for the public to purchase and learn.

 Hundreds of students from around the world have found success from our method of trading gaps.

 For the last two years I have been working on fine tuning the Gap Edge Method to create an advanced approach to trading gaps.  Course is Brand New for 2019.

 Here’s what you will get from the course.

  • Learn a Simple Method to Day Trading Gaps.  Less Guessing and More Confidence!

  • Understand the Power of Breakout Volume and how to incorporate it into your setups.

  • Learn how to find the biggest movers up or down each day.

  • Learn the secret sauce – it’s all in the candlestick formation and has made me allot of money.

  • Incorporate the Power of Percentage Net Change from the Open.

  • Revisit the Core Foundations of Supply and Demand.

  • Powerful Money Management Tools.

  • Learn the tricks and tips to building an amazing Gap List.

  • Discover what to look for at the open and how to find the big money footprint.

  • Learn how to tune out all the noise and become a six figure Gap Trader.

  • Trade off a higher time frame 15, 30 and 60 minute setups.

  • Learn to obtain a batting average of 70% with this method of trading.

  • Learn the four Moves a gap makes.

  • how to deal with Draw Downs.

  • 1 Months included of access to TRADE ALERTS via our live market App.

  • 2 Hour Course

  • 13 Chapters

  • A Private Facebook Group just for Advanced Gap Course takers


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