Gang Tao – Adaptive Control Design & Analysis


Gang Tao - Adaptive Control Design & Analysis


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Gang Tao – Adaptive Control Design & Analysis

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A systematic and unified presentation of the fundamentals of adaptive control theory in both continuous time and discrete time

Today, adaptive control theory has grown to be a rigorous and mature discipline. As the advantages of adaptive systems for developing advanced applications grow apparent, adaptive control is becoming more popular in many fields of engineering and science. Using a simple, balanced, and harmonious style, this book provides a convenient introduction to the subject and improves one’s understanding of adaptive control theory.

Adaptive Control Design and Analysis features:

  • Introduction to systems and control
  • Stability, operator norms, and signal convergence
  • Adaptive parameter estimation
  • State feedback adaptive control designs
  • Parametrization of state observers for adaptive control
  • Unified continuous and discrete-time adaptive control
  • L1+a robustness theory for adaptive systems
  • Direct and indirect adaptive control designs
  • Benchmark comparison study of adaptive control designs
  • Multivariate adaptive control
  • Nonlinear adaptive control
  • Adaptive compensation of actuator nonlinearities
  • End-of-chapter discussion, problems, and advanced topics

As either a textbook or reference, this self-contained tutorial of adaptive control design and analysis is ideal for practicing engineers, researchers, and graduate students alike.

Table of Contents


  1. Introduction.
  2. Systems Theory.
  3. Adaptive Parameter Estimation.
  4. Adaptive State Feedback Control.
  5. Continuous-Time Model Reference Adaptive Control.
  6. Discrete-Time Model Reference Adaptive Control.
  7. Indirect Adaptive Control.
  8. A Comparison Study.
  9. Multivariable Adaptive Control.
  10. Adaptive Control of Systems with Nonlinearities.



Author Information

GANG TAO received his BS in electrical engineering from the University of Science and Technology of China and his PhD from the University of Southern California. He has been working in the field of adaptive control for twenty years.


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