Fwtrader – Voodoo Lines (Oct 2013)


Fwtrader - Voodoo Lines (Oct 2013)


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Fwtrader – Voodoo Lines (Oct 2013)

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What Symbols Does Voodoo Lines Work With?

Each symbol included with Voodoo Lines needs to be analyzed by a real person and monitored to make sure the levels are appropriate. Therefore, it will not work with every instrument.

When you purchase Voodoo Lines you will get support for a select list of:

1. Stock indices;

2. Stock index futures;

3. Stock index ETFs;

Commodity futures; and

Currency pairs.

In addition, support for a select list of individual stocks is available through a separate subscription to anyone who has purchased Voodoo Lines. Below is a list of all the symbols available in the base Voodoo Lines and through the Stock Update subscription.


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