Fibozachi – The Super MACD Indicator Package (Jul 2016)

$38.97 $449.00

Fibozachi - The Super MACD Indicator Package (Jul 2016)

$38.97 $449.00

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Fibozachi – The Super MACD Indicator Package (Jul 2016)

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State-of-the-Art “Divergence Engine”
The Super MACD™ includes a special “Divergence Engine” unlike anything you have seen before. It is trader-friendly, easy to use, and offers many advanced features, settings, and customizations — making it ideal for both novice and professional traders.
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Issues Various Divergence Signals and Alerts
Our Divergence Engine issues standard divergences, “Filtered Divergences” and 3-Point Divergences! There are also customizable audio, visual, and email alerts to alert you to each divergence signal!Green Checkmark

Calculate the MACD using “OHLC / 4” or Closing Price
The original MACD only takes the previous closing price into account. The Super MACD™ gives you the option to use the (OHLC / 4) of each bar instead of the closing price — allowing all available price information to be included in the calculation of the RSI value.
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“Gapless Technology” Allows the MACD to Ignore Price Gaps
At a setting of “0”, all price gaps will be included when calculating the MACD.
At a setting of “100”, all price gaps will be excluded when calculating the MACD.

Plots a Smoother MACD by using Smoothed Price Data

Only the Super MACD™ lets you smooth the price data that flows into the MACD formula. By smoothing price data, the plot of the Super MACD™ becomes much smoother than the jagged plot of the original MACD.
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Calculate the MACD with 8 Different Averaging Methods
Use any averaging method when calculating the RSI — choose between the SMA, EMA, DEMA, TEMA, WMA, TMA, HMA, or GMA!

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“Dynamic OverBought/OverSold Levels” (DOBOS™)
The Super MACD™ utilizes an innovative and proprietary new feature called DOBOS™, which stands for “Dynamic OverBought/OverSold Levels”. Instead of relying on fixed or static OB/OS Levels like “80” and “20”, DOBOS™ automatically adjusts after each bar — keeping you in perfect harmony with price at all times. This is a significantly more accurate and effective method of determining the OverBought and OverSold Levels of an Indicator. Furthermore, the DOBOS™ Reversal Signals are some of the most powerful and accurate of all signals.


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