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The ETF Finder Formula Elite Package course by Simpler Trading gives you every essential information about ETF and trading helping you to enhance your trading

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$129.00 $1,297.00

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Enhance your trading with the ETF Finder Formula Elite Package course

What can you expect from this course?

The ETF Finder Formula Elite Packages course brought by Simpler Trading is an ideal course letting you to learn from the valuable experiences of Raghee Horrer, your course mentor via witnessing live trading within 2 days. By enrolling in this ETF Finder Formula Elite Package course, you will avoid becoming perplexed and overwhelmed by the ETF and its operation. By studying alongside trading market experts, you will gain a clear and thorough understanding of the role that ETFs play in trading. Then, a primary feature of this ETF Finder Formula Elite Package is a formula that enables you to determine the trend of the current trading market in order to capitalize on profitable opportunities. Alternatively, you have the ability to create your own formula that is most applicable to your circumstances.

This ETF Finder Formula Elite Package course is divided into four components that will guide you step by step:

  • 2 Days Live-Trading for Professionals 
  • 2 Days Live-Trading for Elites
  • $1880 profit per contract in DIA
  • $200 profit per contract in XLC
  • $780 profit per contract in XLV
  • $1010 profit per contract in XLK
  • $330 profit per contract in ITB
  • $700 AND $1260 profit per contract in XLY

What will you learn in this course?

After completing this ETF Finder Formula Elite Package course, you can become an expert in your own trading career and reconstruct operating strategies that are more professional and profitable than previous ones. This is because the high-quality and trusted information enables you to learn and practice simultaneously, allowing you to consume all the valuable knowledge contained within.

Throughout the learning process, you will have access to high-quality study materials that will assist you in better absorbing the lessons and applying what you have just learned in real-world situations. These materials will include clear explanations of specialized terms, lessons written in casual language, real database examples, and cutting-edge techniques.

A real-time alert system, an exclusive live trading session with her each month, as well as an updated trade spreadsheet, are all provided to members of the club. It is not necessary for you to spend any time identifying these setups and seeing them play out. Then she takes care of everything for you, and she alerts you when the setup is ready to be traded on. This course will show you the most effective strategies for obtaining significant amounts of leverage that would otherwise be impossible to obtain without the use of the powerful ETF instrument. In addition, you will discover how to trade options without having to pay a hefty charge for the privilege.

Learn more information about Simpler Trading 

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Founded by John Carter in 1999 with the original name which was Trade The Market, Simpler Trading is a trading platform that gives a wealth of useful information in the form of courses, news articles, indicators, and webinars, paving the way for profitable trading chances and shortening the time required to achieve success. 

Simpler Trading is a team of trading experts with an average of more than 100 years of experience who are committed to providing you with the greatest high-quality trading courses with professional content.

Consider Simpler Trading’s professionalism and reputation as demonstrated by its collaboration with over ten large firms, including Forbes, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, and Fox Business.

If you have any questions about the ETF Finder Formula Elite Package brought by Simpler Trading or related information such as price, payment method, please feel free to contact us via the enclosed address below for consultation.

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