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Author: Eric Thompson

The Energetic Signatures Encoded into the Digital Acupuncture 2.0 Audio and Mandala
The DA2 Mandala and Audio both contain six layers of subtle energetic encoding to produce a deep state of relaxation and stress relief, perfect for a daily meditation practice.

Digital Acupuncture 2 0

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Relaxation – Let go.
Energetic Integration – Integrates all the energy streams in the aura in exactly the same way as practicing the “Celtic Weave” exercise does.
All 12 Acupuncture Meridians – Clears each meridian for optimal qi energy flow.
Six layers of subtle energy
5-HTP – Promotes a feeling of deep calm, relaxation and stress relief.
Delta Brainwaves – An energetic signature for deep relaxation.

Digital Acupuncture 2.0 (DA2)

DA2 is an energetically encoded audio, mandala and meditation program that broadcasts the energy of the 12 acupuncture meridians. The audio portion of the program also contains brainwave entrainment technology.

During the last two days I carried out two sessions of immersion into a deep meditative trance for the solution of some esoteric tasks. Earlier I already used in such situations DA (earlier versions) and received very impressive results. As Eric sent the updated DA2 for testing, I decided to use it as the energy helper.

Some technical characteristics – one copy of DA2 mandala (large 100mb, PC), + 4 copies of DA2 mandala (small 26mb, PC), + DA2 audio (60min without BWE via headphones and x2 silent track DA2), + one copy of DA2 on phone, + audio of DA2 60min without BWE on phone which arranged near myself. Also on PC the was opened Catalyst (x1 mandala 100mb & audio, of threshold of hearing) and was opened SpiritualPresence mandala (one copy 100mb).

I received very dramatic results. I won’t begin to describe all mental & psychic effects as they very profound and it will demand a lot of text. However I will give some of my physiological parameters during these sessions.

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