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Author: Eric Thayne

A freelance filmmaker who wants to figure out how to get paid well for your work? 
Tired of having to fight “cheap” clients who want you to work for basically free?
Wished it was easier to find great clients to work with in your area?
Have you ever worried you’re not going to be able to make a full-time living as a filmmaker?

Six Figure Filmmaker

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Here’s what’s interesting…
The ones who succeed all have three things in common.
And ironically enough, they’re the three “main” pieces of the Six Figure Framework.
FIRST: They have the right “offer“.
Now you may be wondering, “what’s an offer?”
The “offer” is what makes you unique. It’s specifically what makes you different from your competitors.
And not having a compelling offer is what makes most videographers end up fighting for clients and work that’s left at the bottom of the barrel.
It’s exactly why I struggled for so long to make more than a couple hundred bucks for each project. Outside of “making videos,” I hadn’t taken the time to really figure out what I was offering my clients.
SECOND: They have a well crafted “portfolio“.
But they don’t use it like most filmmakers do. 
It’s full of passion projects that have helped them improve their skills and show the type of work they’re really capable of.
And at the same time, that high quality work acts like a magnet to attract their dream clients.
THIRD: They have the right “systems“.
The most successful filmmakers build systems that make the actual work a lot easier.
It has to do with following an easy and repeatable way to find new clients, and then getting them to hire you.

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