Eaptrainingprogram – The EAP Training Program (Apr 2019)


Eaptrainingprogram - The EAP Training Program (Apr 2019)


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The EAP Training Program (Apr 2019)

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Lessons in The Basics Course include…

  •  ADVANCED STRUCTURE TRAINING: Support/Resistance, we have all heard of these, but you may have tried using them in your trading before with very little luck. In this lesson, you will learn the secrets to identifying levels of structure that will actually give you a high probability of making a profit.
  •  INTRO TO THE BEST INDICATORS: Most traders have learned about indicators, but do you know the correct way to use them? In this lesson, you will learn how to correctly use the few indicators that we will be using in this course.
  •  ADVANCED ENTRY PATTERNS: Entry patterns that give a fantastic edge over the market. Not just your average candlestick pattern.

Lessons in The Transition Course include…

  •  DISCOVER THE PULLBACK STRATEGY: Is your strategy important? YES! If you do not have a profitable strategy that gives an edge over the market, then there is no way to create success in the Forex market. Steven will teach you the same profitable strategy that he uses everyday to pull profits out of the market.
  •  LEARN ENTRIES, STOPS AND TARGETS: What good is a strategy without every aspect of it? You have probably tried to learn strategies that seem vague and do not include everything. It almost seems like they are hiding something right? Well, here in The Transition Course, we give you all of the rules for the strategy and leave nothing on the table. So, you will get the entry rules, the rules for stops, and the rules for targets, so you completely understand how to trade this rules based strategy.
  •  HOW TO PROPERLY BACKTEST: You have probably heard of backtesting, but have you ever learned to do it properly? This is an extremely important part of creating a profitable trading plan. The Transition Course is one of the only Forex trading courses online that will walk you through the entire backtesting process. We will not only teach you exactly how to backtest, but we will also backtest a few pairs side by side with you, so you can backtest along side a professional trader to make sure you are doing it correctly.
  •  TTC PERFORMANCE SPREADSHEET: In order to backtest correctly, you must have a place to record all the trades you tested in historical data. So, we will give you the spreadsheet that we use to record trades and create money and risk management plans. This is a powerful machine that can speed up the backtesting process 10x. Yours for FREE with your purchase of the EAP training program.
  •  OPTIMIZING A PORTFOLIO FOR MAXIMUM PROFITS: Every pair may not work well with a specific strategy, so it is important to test a lot of pairs and pick out the best performers. This is the process of optimizing a portfolio. I am not sure why, but there are not many other places that even speak of this aspect of trading, much less teach it. Here we take you step by step through the entire process, so you will be able to optimize your trading portfolio for maximum profits.
  •  HOW TO CREATE A RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN: This is in the top 3 most important parts of your trading. Learn to create a plan that is inline with your on personal risk tolerance and goals. This will dramatically reduce your risk of losing massive amounts of money in the Forex market and will be essential to your discipline and ultimately your success in trading.
  •  HOW TO CREATE A TRADING PLAN: Your trading plan is the #1 key to your success in trading. The Transition Course is the only online Forex course that takes you step by step through the process of creating a profitable trading plan. In this lesson, you will learn how to create the same exact trading plan that Steven uses in the markets on a daily basis and the best part is that if you have any questions, Steven will be there to answer them to ensure that you have the best chances of success.

Lessons in The Advanced Course include…

  •  LEARN ADVANCED MULTIPLE TARGETS: What if there was a way to take the same exact trades, but dramatically increase profits. Multiple targets is one of the easiest ways to take our trading to the next level. Using 2 separate positions can lead to a dramatic increase in profits while taking the same exact trades.
  •  LEARN ADVANCED SINGLE TARGETS: What if you do not have time to trade multiple targets? Well there is still a way to make more profits with the same exact trades. Advanced ways of taking single targets can also dramatically increase our profits with the same exact trades.
  •  TCSC ADVANCED CANDLESTICK ENTRY PATTERN: This is one of our most advanced and accurate entry patterns here at TTC and uses a multitude of different rules applied to a single candlestick in association with a few other rules in order to capitalize on reversing markets. This entry pattern is exclusive to us and not taught anywhere else online.
  •  DT/DB KICKER ENTRY PATTERN: We have heard of double tops and bottoms, and you may have tried trading based on these patterns. But, more than likely they have not proven to be profitable for you. We have made some secret additions to these age old patterns in order to increase the accuracy and actually use them profitably in our trading plan. This entry pattern is also exclusive to us and not taught anywhere else online.
  •  123 REVERSAL STRATEGY: Exclusive reversal strategy that we use on some of the major pairs everyday in order to pull profits out of the markets.
  •  SWING REVERSAL STRATEGY: Learn to use swing levels and a very specific entry pattern plus a few other rules in order to capture reversals in any financial market.
  •  MULTIPLE TIME FRAME STRATEGIES: Learn to trade with multiple time frames based around all of the advanced techniques that you have learned throughout the course in order to really take your trading to the next level and dramatically increase your trading accuracy.


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