Dr. Gary Dayton – Trading Journal

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Dr. Gary Dayton - Trading Journal

$16.97 $299.00

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Dr. Gary Dayton – Trading Journal

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Keeping an Effective Trading Journal is a video tutorial designed to help you develop solid mental and technical trading skills. Based on his own trading experiences as well as the experiences of traders Dr. Gary has coached, this trading journal helps you with the common struggles and frustrations faced by all traders.

Dr. Gary’s Trading Journal is not an ordinary journal. When used consistently, it can serve as your virtual trading coach, leading you through your daily trading and helping you to identify your trading strength and limitations. In the video, Dr. Gary explains key guidelines you can follow in using the Trading Journal as your virtual trading coach. Integrating elements of cutting edge, peak performance psychology

Dr. Gary takes you step-by-step and shows you how to:

– Effectively prepare for the trading day

– Set up your daily game plan

– Identify the most important personal goals to work on

– Record your trades and mental states

– Assess your trading performance and decision-making

– Identify positive and limiting patterns in your trading

– Use a straightforward method to address limiting patterns

– Apply deep, deliberate practice to your trading


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