Donald Mack – A Course in Trading


Donald Mack - A Course in Trading


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Donald Mack – A Course in Trading

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Warning! This book contains material on Technical Analysis that is creative, a bit novel, and might open up new avenues of appreciation that there is a great deal more to the rigors of analysis than just some technical descriptions. Here I make special reference to what I would call “hidden knowledge,” but which is not so hidden if one is alert to the possibility of it being there. Often this consists of technical applications hidden in the text that just escape the attention of many practitioners of Technical Analysis as they come to grips with what might be termed its scientific methodical approach. As it is so easy to be unaware of this fact, it is pointed out here that some of the great market masters had a method of presentation that was not uncommon in the technical literature provided by them during the time I call the “Golden Age of Market Literature, 1922 to 1957.” It is apparent that these market writers felt it was quite in order for them to start by pointing the reader in the direction of the line of analytical thought or the technical tool they were presenting. This gave them the chance to explore the solid foundations of a particular technical methodology as a basis for what they had in mind. Then they were more than comfortable to leave it to the reader to use that basis to evolve analytical techniques and thinking. Certainly, the answers seldom come easily, and chart analysis is anything but easy; but sharp thinking plus unbridled creativity are an absolute must in advancing this technical area of endeavor.

This work was originally published in 1934 as a yearlong course in analysis and was a confidential document available only to subscribers and clients of the Wetsel Market Bureau. The Jerry Favors Analysis recently gave the contents of the course a top-5 status. The 26 chapters contain a series of lessons; each dedicated to a single aspect of chart analysis – some unknown today, others still employed in their original or variant forms.



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