Discotrading – Orderflow Bars NT8

$14.97 $98.00

Discotrading – Orderflow Bars NT8

$14.97 $98.00

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Orderflow Bars NT8

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I. Add-on Installation/Updatel.

  1. Install downloaded assembly:
  • Go to “Tools” → “Import” → “NinjaScript Add-On…”, select downloaded .zip file and press “Open”. Then if the installation was correct you will see the success message.
  • Restart NinjaTrader!

Note: Various Dt add-ons are relying on the same “DiscoTrading.Common.dll” library. NinjaScript Assembly contains the most recent version of the library, so you have to click ‘Yes’ when asked for replacement of the file during installation.

Remember, it is required to restart NinjaTrader after add-on installation before you can add a just installed indicator to a chart.

II. Initial Chart Configuration

Here you can find some basic advice about initial setting up of a chart with Orderflow Bars NT8.

2. Then restart NinjaTrader. The new workspace will be available to load in Workspaces menu of NinjaTrader Control Center.

(We chose Workspaces instead of Chart Templates because Chart Templates may not carry all chart appearance settings that are needed. Afterwards you may load the attached workspace and save chart settings as Chart Templates on your own, if necessary.)

Step One

First of all, it may be necessary to swap relative position (z-order) of Price Bars and Indicator’s output to avoid their overlapping.

First Way: Use a standard way in NinjaTrader — select candlestick series, hold down Ctrl key and scroll mouse wheel. This way does not work sometimes. Thus you can use alternate way — a special command from OfB Control Panel.

Alternate Way: Click ‘OfB’ button in chart’s toolbar to open OfB Control Panel. In the control panel appeared click ‘Z-Order: Send to Back’/‘Bring to Front’ button until you get indicator’s output over price bars.

Step Two

Secondly, you may need to increase price Bars Spacing and decrease Bars Width to get a suitable look of orderflow bars

Increase the Bar Spacing by using the [Ctrl + Down arrow key] keyboard shortcut or use Left Mouse Click in the X-axis margin and move the mouse cursor to the left or right to adjust horizontal scale.

Decrease the Bar Width by using the [Alt + Up Arrow] shortcut key or the “Bar Width -“ command from chart’s toolbar menu:

Step Three

You may also need to increase the “Right side margin” parameter in Chart’s properties window to add more space for the current (developing) bar. This may be especially necessary if having Pullback Bar enabled which is plotted next to the developing bar.



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