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My name is Derek Rake, and I am the creator of Shogun Method.

Unlike other relationship, “get your ex back” or “Pickup Artist” programs. Shogun Method is the world’s first and only relationship strategy system built on military-grade Mind Control technology.

If you want the ability to make any woman emotionally addicted to you. Then this is the only place where you will get it, period.


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What’s Inside Shogun Method™?

You’ll get lifetime access to videos, audios and study guides (all in digital, downloadable format) as well as free program upgrades for the next three (3) years

This is the only complete guide on Fractionation you’ll find anywhere in the world, period

Module 1: Fractionation

Using Fractionation in seduction is said to be like bringing a nuclear bomb to a gunfight, and for good reason!

The world’s first Video Case Study on Fractionation containing a blow-by-blow analysis on how to use Fractionation to control, dominate and seduce a woman

Five (5) never-before-seen Fractionation scripts: shortcut your seduction by using these on the woman you want to attract today, and get her to surrender to you, physically and emotionally

Learn the One Sentence Fractionation, the concise version which delivers a knockout punch in just one sentence

Discover Conversational Fractionation, the newbie-friendly version which takes very little effort to get great results like the experts do

Find out about Locational Fractionation, a groundbreaking method where you can fractionate a woman using only body language – works a treat when combined with Conversational Fractionation

The Fractionation module comes with a downloadable Companion Guide on the ‘Rollercoaster’ storytelling technique. Combining Fractionation with the Rollercoaster technique is like injecting a good dose of steroids into your seduction game – there’s nothing else quite like it!

Module 2 contains the three Preconditions which you must agree to for the Shogun Method to work its magic

Module 2: Three Preconditions

The Shogun Method™ only work for you if you obey the Three Preconditions described in this module. Find out what the Preconditions are, and why they are absolutely crucial to your success. If you have not been getting the results that you wanted with women, the chances are that you’ve been (unknowingly) violating one (or all!) of these Preconditions.

Caution: The content inside this module may be offensive to some people. Keeping an open mind is absolutely necessary as you digest this material.

Learn what the Three Preconditions are, and why they are essential to your success as a Mind Control seducer

Why every single human being is a manipulator, and why you must be comfortable accepting your true nature as a manipulator (controversial!)

Discover why Mind Control and covert persuasion is so frighteningly effective when used to seduce women

Find out about the “Stealth Mode” – on how to be completely under the radar with a woman until it’s too late to resist your advances

Learn how to keep the Shogun Method™ a secret: you’ll want to keep this knowledge to yourself once you acquired it!

In Module 3, you will learn the flaws of the female mind which make her vulnerable to Mind Control

Module 3: Flaws In The Female Mind

There’s no need to sugarcoat the fact that the Shogun Method™ is designed to be manipulative! The reason the Method works so well is that it exploits and manipulates the psychological flaws which are naturally found inside the female mind. In this module, you’ll learn what these flaws are, and how to manipulate them to your benefit.

Learn what the “bug” in the female psyche is, and how you can exploit this “bug” to dominate any woman

Discover the female Attraction Buttons, and how to push them to generate intense attraction

Know about the Repulsion Buttons, and how to avoid pushing them mistakenly which will make a woman find you repulsive

Learn about the “Moist Robot Hypothesis” and how you can psychologically program any woman to respond to you the way you want

Acquire the key to ultimate devotion by triggering the right emotions about you using covert Mind Control

The IRAE Model is the blueprint to the female mind: know it and you’ll understand how and what she thinks

Module 4: The IRAE Model

Welcome to the heart of the Shogun Method™ action! The IRAE Model is the “gut” of the Shogun Method™ – it is the definitive, 4-stage roadmap you can use to seduce any woman from start to finish: Intrigue, Rapport, Attraction and Enslavement (“IRAE”).

The IRAE Model greatly simplifies the seduction process because with it, you’ll only need to do just one thing at one time. It will give you a clear head on what to exactly do and say without feeling overwhelmed.

Get a birds-eye view of the four stages in the IRAE Model: Intrigue, Rapport, Attraction and Enslavement

Learn the real reasons why guys fail with women (this section will explain why women lose interest, or put guys in the “friend zone”)

Learn what the “Three Core Elements of Influence” are, and why they must all be present for a woman to fall in love

Find out about the two Mind Control concepts (“Pain Limit” and “Action Limit”), and how to use them to force a woman subtly to do what you want her to do

Discover the Desirability Scale and how you can quickly and simply gauge how attractive you are to the woman you want to seduce

By mastering the art of generating Intrigue, you will be able to control any woman’s attention span, and captivate her

Module 5: Intrigue

Generating Intrigue is the first step of seduction in the IRAE Model. This module will show you how to do exactly that.

Learn the five elements of a good Intrigue Story: B____, F____, D____, T____ C____ and C____

Find out how to capture her attention like an expert with a subtle technique that is used by master storytellers and Hollywood movie makers

Discover how to use “Multiple Sub Plots” to get her brain in “Hot” mode continuously and captivate her imagination

Learn the magic of an Intrigue Ping – the first sentence that you must say when you approach a woman (with sample lines you can use immediately today)

Discover a covert Mind Hack technique that makes her desperately eager to talk to you… so that she seduces herself for you


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