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Author: Depesh Mandalia

Depesh is one the world’s most prominent Facebook marketing experts helping business scale-up fast through expert marketing execution in the online world. He’s invested well over $30 million in profitable global ad spend over the last 5 years in E-Commerce, Lead Gen (digital products and services), Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Apps, Local Business and more. Over the last decade he’s been responsible for driving in excess of $100M in revenue.

Ultimate CBO CookbooK

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This product is available

It’s also a TRAINING PROGRAM in written form designed to help your profit wildly.

An eBook (online book) with over 70 pages of deep insights and actionable step-by-step CBO recipes

​Backed by millions in ad spend to create the perfect CBO recipes

​Learn how I set up my testing for audiences ands ads using CBO in a step by step way with diagrams

​Learn how I Prospect and Test Scale before Scaling

​Swipe my step by step CBO Scaling strategy

​Keep as a reference guide you will be checking in on for months to come

Learn the inner workings of ​Campaign Budget

Optimisation to create your own recipes

​Tested with multiple millions in ad spend the last 12 months alone

​Proven CBO success with Ecommerce & Info Products for small and large budgets

​Swipe and implement the All New INFINITY RETARGETING Strategy

Case Studies & Examples

Sure, call me the mad chef for squeezing this much value into such a low investment but I know this is the key to your unrivalled success, if you learn, implement and adapt this for your business. Ready for the boost you need right now?


This eBook is 70+ pages of CBO knowledge and actionable advice on building a profitable Facebook ads MACHINE.

It is designed for serious profit and growth.


They don’t exist.

It’s actionable right now and a companion for months to come.

It’s using my proven strategy for making CBO work – backed by millions in ad spend across multiple verticals across Ecom and Info Products.

It goes WAY beyond just CBO and gives deep advice into how we structure testing, prospecting, develop our campaign funnels, retargeting and of course scaling.

It’s the most in-depth CBO study and research you’ve seen.

Use it and scale 2019 like never before. Here’s a preview of the contents:

PART 1: A Deep-Dive Into CBO

Scaling To $8M Using Structured Ad Sets

The CBO Engine Uncovered

Hack The CBO Algorithm

CBO Will Save You Time & Money

Facebook Wants A Long Term Relationship – But It’s Not Complicated.

Key Takeaways

PART 2: The GT-CBO Scaling Strategy

Priming CBO Via Testing

The GT-CBO Method

PART 3: CBO Recipes For Every Occasion

Recipe 1: CBO Testing

2: CBO Prospecting

3: CBO Scaling Recipes

Chef Depesh’s Special Scaling Recipe

Scale Recipe 1: V-Scale

Scale Recipe 2: Nitro V-Scale

3: H-Scale Split

4: H-Scale Budget

5: M-Scale

Recipe 4: CBO with Small, High Intent Audiences

5: DCO INFINITY RETARGETING (never revealed outside our agency!)


The BPM Method


5W Avatar

3N Ads Formula

Graduation Testing

Graduation Framework

4-Funnel System

FAQs – Curated From Facebook

About Campaign Budget Optimization

Turning On Campaign Budget Optimization

Spend Limits

Bid Strategies


Ad Scheduling


Split Testing

Learning Phase



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