Dekmartradesbootcamp – The Ultimate Trading Course

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The Ultimate Trading Course

$84.97 $997.00

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My name is Sean Dekmar
I am the Head trader of one of the worlds biggest day trading chat rooms, DekmarTrades, which over a 3 year span collectively had 15,000+ members.

The Ultimate Trading Course

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I want to hand you the plan…
  • The plan that brings me 6 figures every year on repeat from stock trading alone.
  •  The one that allows me to live an extraordinary life, and train others to do the same.
  •  The one that let’s me travel, and adventure or not even get out of my pajamas if I don’t want to…
  •  Or (like some of my students) get closer with my family, and build my wealth from home as I watch my kids grow…

You’ve got to EARN your Freedom.

You’ve got to fight for it…
How? Here’s what you want to do…
Stop living on other people’s terms.
It’s time to take a stand with more confidence,
This single decision can catapult an amazing career and life for you…
Learn to Make Consistent Profitable Trades In The Stock Market:

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Module 1The Stock Market : Fundamental Information for the brand new stock trader. What Is It?
  •  Module 2: Tools of the Trade: Brokers, Scanners, & Important Websites & Tools Professional Traders use
  •  Module 3: Reading Chart Patterns: What To Look At And Watch During Trading Hours
  • Module 4Breakouts: When Is A Stock Loaded To Take Off So We Can Profit?
  •  Module 5: Advanced Techniques And Actions That Professional Day Traders Do Every Day
  •  Module 6: Motivation & Psychology of Traders That Win vs. Traders That Lose
  •  Module 7: Organize Your Time : The Best Times To Trade & Mastering Time Frames
  • Module 8: Watch Out!: 2 Things To Avoid In The Stock Market That Everyone Needs To Know About


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