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Author: David Vlas

David Vlas is an American teenager who lives a generous life with his YouTube fame and fortune. Many of the videos became famous thanks to his challenges, challenges, and jokes. An example of his lead video is “Will. A Shiny Knife 1000 Degree Charge Your iPhone ?! (INSANE PHONE LIFE HACKS)” and it shows this crazy and dangerous genre. Players like Fortnite and Battle Royale can be played at the highest levels.

Youtube Compilation Machine

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Section 5: The Hidden Thumbnail Secrets

  1.     How You Can Make Viral Thumbnails For Your Compilations
  2.     The Best Thumbnail Secret To Make Your Compilations Go Viral

Section 6: How To Get A High Click Through Rate (CTR) Very Important

  1.    What is CTR and How It Can Help You Grow Like Crazy (Secret To Go Viral)
  2.    How You Can Improve Your Compilation Videos CTR Fast and As Easy As Possible

Section 7: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  1.   The Best Tags Tool To Go Viral
  2.   How To Title Your Compilation Videos For Tons Of Views
  3.   How To Write The Best Descriptions For Your Compilations
  4.    Bonus: The Course Will Be Always Be Updated With NEW Videos So You Can Keep Up With YouTube!

Section 8: Monetization

   How To Get

  • Monetized
  • Monetized Secret
  • Your Compilation Channel Monetized + 1000 Subscribers in 24-48 Hours Secret!
  • Yourself A Super High CPM (Cost Per Thousand Views)

   How To Make Yourself Even More Money With SUPER Easy Affiliate Links 

   How To Do Your Tags and Description For A Higher CPM (Beta)

   Bonus: The Course Will Be Always Be Updated With NEW Videos So You Can Keep Up With YouTube!

Section 9: Growing Your Compilation Channel FAST

  1.    How You Can Easily Gain 1000, 10k, And More Subscribers With This Secret
  2.    How To ACTUALLY Get 1,000,000 Views With Compilations
  3.    Bonus: The Course Will Be Always Be Updated With NEW Videos So You Can Keep Up With YouTube!

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