David Smith – Short Swing Trading v6.0

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Author: David Smith

David A. Smith, a citizen of Jamaica, will go down in history as one of these cross-border criminals that deceived investors with high-return promises in currency trading to the tune of $220 million. He lived the high life in Windermere, Florida, and bandied about precious gemstones, precious metals and jewelry as if they were modest toys of the wealthy. In the process, over 6,000 investors were fleeced before they became aware that their high returns were actually fictitious trading activities.

He created an elaborate infrastructure to impress prospective clients, but there was no evidence that he ever did engage in active currency trading.

Short Swing Trading

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Short Swing Trading gives you everything you need to successfully trade my strategy. Not only does it detail the 6 trading rules that give you:

When to enter

The maximum risk per trade

How to lock in early profits

When to exit

But it ALSO ensures that your trading:

Fits comfortably with you own attitude to risk

Fits with the individual shares you trade

To give you every component you need for consistent results:

Whether the market is going up or down.

A complete trading strategy to profit

from short swings in a share’s price

Extremely low risk trading system

Just 6 rules that give you entry point, potential risk level and exit point


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