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Author: David Franceschini

“Forex Trading can never guarantee a profit. If you follow SurfingThePips philosophy, their guidelines and advice, you WILL make money.“

“I really found the educational service informative and profitable, because students like me can play the same trades as Davide and the team plays live on the daily webinars. So, not only am I learning as a student new trading techniques, but I’m also making money while learning which is always good.“

Surfing the Pips

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It is a method of online trading that is applicable to the market of foreign currencies, the so-called Forex, the biggest financial market in the world.

As with surfing, in order to calculate the waves of prices, you need control, not strain. The only difference is that, with trading, it is not your muscles that are controlled; rather, it is your mind.

What is particular about the SurfingThePips™ method is that the trader’s psychological well-being comes first.

What does happiness have to do with trading?

The reason why the SurfingThePips™ method is successful is that its approach is revolutionary: turning the two factors, happiness and money, on their heads is of vital importance.

All of people’s economic problems derive from the lack of this “switch”: it is not true that money makes you happy, but it is happiness that produces money.

That is why psychological well-being is the foundation of the method, and it dominates all of its rules.

What does becoming a real trader mean?

  1. It means no longer working for money and instead starting to make money works for you
  2. It means expanding your financial culture and not making do with ridiculous investments such as BOT’s or investment funds

How much time I will need to spend on trading

The beauty about the SurfingThePips™ method is its “modularity”. This means that it can be totally adapted to various types of traders’ needs. The method is applicable by whoever wants to make trading their main career, and by whoever merely wants to supplement their income to increase the money that they make from their main career.


You will find out what the 5 instruments that I use are, as well as what the 7 essential steps you must follow every time you want to enter the market are.


The trading course SurfingThePips™ is suitable for various sorts of traders:

People who have never done any trading before

For people who have only just started

– The SurfingThePips™ course will teach a practical, precise method that has proven to be successful and that can be applied immediately. It does not teach any theory, but it teaches taught practise via a real detailed programme in which you are assisted, step-by step, with obtaining success.

For expert traders

– The SurfingThePips™ method has always proven to be an excellent tool, even for people who have been dabbling in this world for years. There are lots of traders who are experienced, yet who have been influenced by the principles of our Forex Course to improve their strategies and make them “stress-free”.


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