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Dave Landry has been actively trading the markets since the early 90s. In 1995 he founded Sentive Trading, LLC–a trading and consulting firm. He is author of Dave Landry on Swing Trading (2000), Dave Landry’s 10 Best Swing Trading Patterns & Strategies (2003), and The Layman’s Guide to Trading Stocks (2010).

IPO Course

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The Next Big Thing

What will be the next big thing? Will it be an alternate energy source? A cure for the incurable? Cannabis? Or, will it be something something less lofty or controversial such as the next food or fashion trend? The good news is that with initial public offerings (IPOs) you don’t have to guess. If a company comes public to fill a need the stock will skyrocket.

Great News

The even better news is that numerous IPOs often rally on the promise of the future. So, even if the company doesn’t become the next big thing, they will often rally anyway. Many can often double or more over a short period of time. Notice Enzymotec Ltd (ENZY) triggers an entry and rallies 90% before failing. I’ll show you how to catch big winners like this and then exit as reality begins to set in.

A Trader’s Dream

Technical analysis uses charts to read the emotions of others. The great thing about IPOs is that they tend to trade purely on emotions. This is a dream for the chart reader. When these stocks begin to rally, there are specific patterns that will all but guarantee that you’re along for the ride. Here are some recent big winners that triggered based on specific patterns that you will learn:

How To Buy The Fly And Avoid The Die

Although many IPOs take off, you can’t just blindly buy them all. They tend to either work big or fail miserably. The good thing is that many of the losers can be completely avoided by waiting for specific patterns and triggers to unfold. The old Will Rogers: “Buy stocks that go up. If they don’t go up, don’t buy them” quote comes to mind. Therefore, you’ll learn 4 easy to recognize patterns that will not only help to keep you in the winners but they will also keep you out of many of the losers

You Are Not Alone

I’m offering unlimited lifetime support. Got a question about an IPO pattern or a new issue? Email me and I’ll personally answer your email.


  • Understand the basics of what happens just before an IPO comes public–who are the players and what are their motives.
  • Understand the 4 most common longer-term patterns of IPOs And How You Can Capitilize On Them
  • Recognize 4 simple yet very effective patterns to get into emerging IPO trends and avoid most losing trades
  • Get on trends early and exit before reality sets in
  • Fully understand why IPOs can be a traders’s dream
  • Understand the importance of money and position management to help ensure that you ride the winners as long as possible and control losses just in case the IPO does not become the next big thing
  • Learn tips and tricks to help recognize and avoid IPOs that are doomed from the start
  • Recognize secondary signals in case you miss an earlier signal


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1.1 Start With The Charts.mp4 - pCloud