Chris Evans and Taylor Welch – Traffic and Funnels – Client Kit

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Author: Traffic and Funnels Client Kit

Taylor Welch runs Traffic & Funnels with his business partner Chris Evans, and we cover a lot of wide-ranging topics on the show today. Some of the things we dive into are their whole philosophy behind product creation, and why they create some of the products they create, which gave us a ton of perspective shifts around that topic. We also talk about delegation and how to hire the right people in your business in order to scale, as well as Taylor’s philosophy of having a portfolio of companies and what they do to serve each other.

Chris Evans and Taylor Welch – Client Kit

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Elements included:

  • scripting your webinar
  • hosting your webinar
  • integrating your CRM with your webinar
  • email copy
  • how to track and optimize for profit
  • ad copy for filling your funnel
  • setting up your automation
  • crafting your high-ticket offer
  • landing page copy
  • delivering your client services with automated systems
  • setting up Facebook ads to generate a consistent stream of high value clients

The investment? Just one or two new clients delivered from your new system (the one we will personally help you build and implement) will more than cover the investment…

And you’ll retain your funnels, your paid traffic campaigns, and all of the strategies to keep attracting high value clients again and again…

Deliverables included:

MODULE 1: Crafting & Packaging Your High Ticket Offer

2: Advanced Sales Acceleration Strategies

3: Building Your ‘Feeder Funnel’

4: Paid Traffic & Client Acquisition

5: Automated Systems & Leveraging Your Time For Scaling Your Business

Platinum Mastermind – 8 weeks of access

Weekly Q&A Consulting – every week to keep you on track

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