Chris Do Jose Caballer – Advanced Strategy Bundle

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Author: Chris Do Jose Caballer

By providing your clients with these prompts, you’ll be able to engage with them and elicit answers that are meaningful to them. Sounds simple? It is. We designed it that way. That’s just the beginning.

Advanced Strategy

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What is included in the core strategy kit?

Facilitation Handbook : A step-by-step handbook on how to facilitate a CORE Session

CORE Workbook and Examples

3 Real Life End-to-End Project Example

Design Directions/Stylescapes

CORE empowers you, the designer, to hold work sessions with your clients to build consensus, surface insights and gain alignment for all the key stakeholders. You will go from order-taker to valued partner and engage at the highest level of brand strategy.


“Just an update on my first paid CORE facilitation session… Having said that, I must have done something right because the client wants me to do everything for them, from book design, to identity, to curriculum videos, to possible website redesign… Basically work for thenext couple years.” — David K.


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