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Author: Cat Howell

She loves nothing more than helping brands take control of their social media presence and grow it in a way that inspires, impresses, and builds confidence in their abilities, products, and services. Working with both big and small brands, such as Fujifilm NZ and Pitstop, means she has a clear understanding of the social tactics and activities that work with brands and SMBs of all levels. Thus, she is able to inject performance-based methods to keep margins down and ROAS high.

Rapidfire Empire

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Have you been thinking about launching your own online program or course?

The industry is BOOMING! But here’s the thing, most people won’t show you what it actually takes to make it – why? Because they’re trying to sell you into their own programs knowing full well that success requires a foundation very few are prepared to invest their time and resources in.

How do I know?

When I first decided to launch an online program I took every course out there and followed all the strategies. I took matters into my own hands and relaunched again using my own methods – this time, I cracked $30K in a week and have since gone on to make just shy of $4Million in under a year and a half and have grown a community of over 40,000 people!

The best part? I had ZERO followers, no logo and no website when I did my launch!

So trust me – successful launches have ZERO to do with your audience size and pretty branding and everything to do with basic direct response principles.

Have you ever noticed how some people our there, that are seemingly less of an expert than you and maybe even not as smart as you are, seem to hit big time whilst you continue to spin your wheels trying to figure out why it’s not all clicking together?

The good news – it’s definitely not luck… let me rephrase – luck sometimes comes into play but more often than not those that manage to successfully launch and build six figure online programs comes down to the fact that they have hit the following on the head.


– They solve a very specific problem

– They can back up that they know how to solve this problem

– They communicate this in a manner that compels action with their audience

– They have the right funnels and media behind them to get the word out

Long term – if you want to grow from initially making six figures in revenue from your online program to seven figures – another important point to add to the above is that they deliver on results – thereby building social proof and testimonials/brand ambassadors.

And of course, bridging all of this are the tactics of audience building & nurturing, content marketing, direct response messaging, the price points and actual offers, the platforms used, the media & funnels making it all spin, and – most importantly – a millionaire’s mindset!

What Rapid Fire Empire will cover…


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