Cardwell RSI Edge – RSI Edge

$314.97 $3,500.00

Cardwell RSI Edge - RSI Edge

$314.97 $3,500.00

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Cardwell RSI Edge – RSI Edge

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About the Company:

Cardwell RSI Edge was founded by Andrew E. Cardwell Jr. as he took it upon himself to show traders that there is more to the Relative Strength Index. Andrew firmly believes that RSI offers much more than any other technical indicator as he has studied various others, but none show the promise and effectiveness of the Relative Strength Index. Andrew had started his work with RSI in 1978 and has been polishing his skills and gaining a vast amount of experience ever since. While most traders use the RSI to spot Bullish and Bearish divergence between momentum and price, Andrew has come up with his own “Range Rules” which are far more effective and reliable in identifying trends. They do so by focusing on the “shift” in the range, which he feels gives much more information. He decided to educate other traders about the benefits of the RSI, whether they are novice or professionals.

About the Product:

The Cardwell RSI Edge – RSI Edge is an online course designed to teach you the “Cardwell RSI Methodology”, which is Andrew’s take on RSI and is the culmination of his years and years of experience in the industry and using RSI as a trading tool. With the help of this course, you will be able to understand why the RSI makes for such a dynamic and powerful trading tool. Characteristics of the RSI will deepen your understanding and help you identify and analyze four different key components in successful trading. Which are: Price, Momentum, Time, and Sentiment. You will able to identify trend change, forecast future price objectives with greater accuracy. The best part about this course is that it is a home study course. The point of this is to teach traders how to use an extremely versatile and effective tool. It applies to all traders, novice or professionals.


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