Candlechartsacademy – Nison Candle Scanner Pro (Mar 2015)

$41.97 $397.00

Candlechartsacademy - Nison Candle Scanner Pro (Mar 2015)

$41.97 $397.00

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Candlechartsacademy – Nison Candle Scanner Pro (Mar 2015)

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Candlesticks the right way… with Nison Candlesticks

If you’re serious about learning how to use candlestick charts, you owe it to yourself to do it the right way.

Over the past 30 years Steve Nison has helped countless thousands of traders and investors around the world how to successfully apply these strategies to their markets.  And he’s been asked by top trading firms and organizations, including the Federal Reserve and the World Bank, to teach them candlestick charting.

Remember these patterns were refined by generations of use. As the first to reveal candlesticks to the Western world, Steve has painstakingly unraveled candlestick charting tactics from the original Japanese sources and the top Japanese traders.

There are a lot of so-called teachers out there who have good intentions when it comes to explaining candles. But the truth is they haven’t done the work, had the real world trading experience, or done the years of research, it takes to become acknowledged as The Expert at candles. Or, even more dangerous to your capital is when they teach candles incorrectly. This false information is what causes many traders and investors to lose real money. But it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why we work so hard to teach you candlesticks the right way with Nison Candlesticks.

Dear Trader,

Here’s how you can uncover ALL of the markets that match the exact candlestick pattern you’re looking for – in real time!

Imagine sitting at your computer … typing a few keys … and before you can take another sip of coffee you’re now looking at every market that is currently in a bullish engulfing pattern.

How about a Doji?

No problem…

Or a Bullish Harami?

You’ve got it…

How can it be that simple to instantly find ALL of the markets that are currently in any of the most powerful Japanese candlestick chart patterns?

Here’s how – I’ve developed an amazing new trading tool designed to help you make better trades fast!



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