Candlecharts Academy – Swing Trading 1

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Candlecharts Academy – Swing Trading 1

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Candlecharts Academy – Swing Trading 1

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Discover how to profit from natural market cycles and trends in ANY time frame

“This is a great session , lots of practical information and money well spent! This give much confidence in my trading. Thanks!”

You don’t have to be chained to your trading computer all day.
And you don’t have to be intimidated by fast-moving markets.

You will understand how to find and trade both short & long term profits in nearly any market

Spot otherwise hidden profit opportunities that most traders miss

Learn to predict which markets are most likely to make a major move: up, down, or sideways



Market condition analysis to understand the environment

Precision entries & exits using Nison candle patterns

Use indicators to confirm energy behind price action

Find the best trend line patterns for swing trading

Introduction to Swing Trading

We’ll crush the myth that a swing trade lasts from just 1-3 days. You’ll see that it has more to do with the natural ebbs and flows (cycles) and how they progress in a certain way.

Whether you already know about swing trading, or this is your first introduction, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know for success.

  • The Essence of Technical Analysis – Learn the right holding period and chart correlation
  • What is Swing Trading? – See how to pinpoint precise entry and exits into and out of any instrument for the duration of a single run in a trend in any time frame
  • Why Swing Trading Works – When you trade in the direction of the trend, you boost your probability of success

Gain Proven New Strategies

  • Determining Entry and Exit Points – Learn where the sweet spot is to enter and await a graceful exit using technical analysis, charting tools, price, and volume
  • Crowd Psychology – Understand how to use candles in context with the most profitable chart patterns, box formations, and more
  • Strength of Trends – Discover how to accurately draw trendlines on a chart: Support, Resistance, Horizontal, Parallel Channels, Moving Averages, Ranges, when to enter, when to exit, and more
  • Indicators for Direction – We’ll show you how to use technical indicators the right way, and the right type of indicator for every situation

The Nature of Cycles

Swing trading helps you take advantage of the natural ebb and flow of markets

  • Security cycle of life
  • Waiting game: accumulation
  • Big bang: expansion
  • Aftermath: distribution
  • Downfall: contraction

How to Understand
Your Charts

  • Stages, Trends, and Waves – Learn to read charts like the pros and determine what the “big money” is doing, and which direction an instrument will move with high probability

Get Your Own Swing Trading Plan

  • Screening – Fresh ideas on how to scan for the best stocks to trade
  • Entry Strategy – How to buy on pullbacks and breakouts
  • Exit Strategies – Exiting for profitable trades based on passage of time, stop/loss levels, and targets


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