Cameron Fous –FOUS4x2! New Day Trading Strategies

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Cameron Fous –FOUS4x2! New Day Trading Strategies

$47.97 $997.00

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Cameron Fous –FOUS4x2! New Day Trading Strategies

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Fous4x2 – Advanced Day Trading Strategies for the Active Trader. In Todays Market.

The Typical Investor is DEAD. Since the Crash of 2008 the Stock Market Has Changed BIG TIME. The Volatility of todays market is 10 fold the Pre-2008 days. In order to survive and Keep an edge I had to Re-wire my Brain to be be able to handle the chaos of stocks jumping 20% and crashing 20% in the same day! With The FOUS4x2 Strategy You can Make Thousands in just Minutes!

What You Learn:

How To Day Trade Penny Stocks and Small Cap Stocks Under $10

How to Create Daily Watch Lists Of Which are Key to Prepping for success.

Learn to Combine Day Trading Patterns into the FOUS4 Swing Strategy

How To Make $1,000’s in the first couple hours of the Session and be Done!

Real Trade Examples Showing how I Banked on FOUS4x2 Patterns!

Review 01:

Fous Paterns – Amazing Results

Here is my review on FOUS4X2; I just did a review on FOUS4. For this DVD set, my advice is to get it right away and forget the rest that are out there. The DVD set is what set me apart from the rest. I was failing before I learned what the FOUS DVD set thought me.

People this is literally life changing; my entire strategy is based on the FOUS4 and FOUS4X2 system. You need a system/strategy/plan to succeed as a trader. FOUS provides this for you and teaches everything you need to know.

Review 02:

Fous4x2 Kicks Into High Gear And a Must Have With Fous4

I highly recommend FOUS ALERTS, FOUS 4 and FOUS 4×2 training DVD’s. FOUS’s training is excellent. He’s a disciplined trader and the DVD’s are an excellent value for the education you receive. No Joke! I’ve tripled my account since joining his chat room and learning the FOUS4 trading strategy since July 2013. Don’t mess around, GET THE DVDs and Hang with FOUS in chat!!!!

Review 03:

Fous4x2 Includes Day Trade Techniques

I guess it hadn’t occurred to me that the Fous4 DVD did not include intraday charts. It’s was purely daily charts. Fous4x2 integrates intraday day trading with the Fous4 patterns. So valuable.

I can’t believe I traded without Fous for so long! If I discovered him earlier (if he was around earlier), it would’ve saved me thousands. Instead of losing thousands, I’d be making thousands. After watching his video series, I think I made the money back in a few weeks. Don’t quote me on that. Just check my history.


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