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Author: Brian James Sklenka

Recently Brian Sklenka, a leading WITS moderator has gone as far as to introduce “SESSIONS.” This is where you can phone him personally for research information and insight. He posts the times he is available for calls, under that heading. This is the level of dedication so many WITS members have come to expect

Cycle Hunter Genoa

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The goal of any trader is to maximize profits while minimizing losses.

In order to effectively do this the trader has only 2 options. Find and study what has worked for others who are successful at trading a particular way or reinvent the wheel. If the individual chooses to study successful traders that have a proven track record the name W. D. Gann will continue to “pop-up”. W. D. Gann is legendary.

One of W. D. Gann’s main goals was to make speculation a profitable profession. So much so that he wrote a book with that title. It is this mind-set that Wheels In The Sky (WITS) has adopted.

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