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Brett Manning Mastering Mix DVD

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The mix is essential to developing a “commercial” or “radio-friendly” tone. Specifically focusing on this area of the voice, Mastering Mix precisely targets what professional voice coach Brett Manning has instilled in his many platinum selling and GRAMMY winning students. To sing like a pro you have to be able to effectively use this vulnerable part of your singing voice. The Mix is the edge that most top recording artists have. It is what enables them easily sing high notes with the freedom and control that “wows” their audiences.
Here I want to review the Mastering Mix course, which focuses on finding your mix voice. The other courses are Mastering Harmony and Mastering Vibrato.
Finding your mixed voice can be really hard. This sort of goes hand and hand with head voice as well. I’ve put together a page which gives a good overview on head voice here, which has a few videos from Aaron Anastasi.
The course is designed to help with your vocal transition. You can order the box set which is a physical product, or you can download the program and start using it right away.
It can be very difficult to transition from chest voice and head voice for example, and most people just can’t do this on their own.
This is what the course is designed to do: help you gain power and control of your voice.

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