Ben Adkins – The Perpetual Sales Engine

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Author: Ben Adkins

Ben Adkins: A sales engine requires salespeople who spend their time prospecting and creating new opportunities. Because they are not accountable for creating new opportunities, their thin pipelines prevent them from growing. Instead, they have the same opportunity meeting every week, with nothing new to report.

The Perpetual Sales Engine

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  • The “Digital Product” Webinar Template: Use this template to sell your digital products (just modify this template to fit the digital product that you’re selling)
  • Behind the Scenes of Dr Ben’s Million Dollar Webinar: Go behind the scenes and watch the exact webinar that Ben used to close over a million dollars in sales in just 7 Days.

Learn the detailed system and tech setup that elite coaches, consultants, and digital agency owners use to close high ticket sales weekly on autopilot.

What You’ll Learn Inside:

Part 1:

How to Craft the Perfect Offer for a Webinar Attendee: Not every offer is a good offer for a webinar.

Part 2:

Dr Ben’s Million Dollar Webinar Template: You’re getting access to the webinar creation template that has made millions of dollars in sales for Dr Ben Adkins.

Part 3:

Dr Ben’s Evergreen Webinar FB Ad System: Once you get your webinar setup, it’s time to drive traffic to it. Inside this section, you’ll learn exactly how to drive targeted traffic and minimize your ad cost with a proven template.

Part :

The Evergreen Webinar Email Followup Campaign Template: After your webinar is over, you’re going to want to follow up with attendees to make sure they watched the call and saw the important parts. In this section, you’ll get access to the template that we use to do just that (and an explanation of how it works).

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