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BOSS Swing by Trick Trades

A Unique Approach When Following The Universal Frameworks 

The Boss Swing course by Trick Trades is the last course in the series of BOSS Pack. The basic concepts are covered in the last two courses, the Carbon and the SPY Sniper courses. When taking the BOSS  Swing course, it is more like the personal mentoring session with the 1-on-1 coaching program. The frameworks acquired in the last courses are put under the microscope of your own trading style. There are some issues and concerns you encounter when applying the strategies and techniques provided by the Trick Trades team. Thus, the BOSS Swing by Trick Trades is an open chance to help you gain the solutions.

The deep-dives into the stock selection criteria will help you diversify your investment portfolios with highly profitable stocks. In the BOSS Swing course, there are supporting indicators which can cut down on your time and effort to select the potential items. Moreover, the proper analysis is openly shared with the detailed guideline of chart setups and the meanings of signals as well as the identification of turning points. Another highlight of the BOSS Swing course is the sharing of how to determine the optimal strikses and expires to gain the top-out profits at the least risk-taking.

About Trick Trades

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Trick Trades has offered a wide range of courses that cover many trading aspects, such as the setup of strategy, chart reading techniques, trading psychology, etc. The Trick Trades team includes highly active traders whose performances are at the top in the trading market. Therefore, the insightful content, charts and case studies are provided in the Trick Trades courses and workshops. You can get access to the live trading sessions where the Trick Trades team accompanies you in the real – time trading market. The focal points of Trick Trades are the long – term profitability, so the strategies and techniques shared in the courses take time to develop, but leaves you with the long lasting effects.



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