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Atlas Line DTW

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Here Is the Latest Atlas Line  Video…
Our Atlas Line  trading software is unique to us here at You won’t find anything else like it out there! There are four main types of signals that are produced: Atlas Long (buy) Atlas Sell (short), Strength (can be long/buy or short/sell), and Pullback (can be long/buy or short/sell). Generally, the main Atlas Long and Atlas Short trades are larger (going for more points) than the smaller Strength and Pullback trades. This means you should have plenty of opportunity to find trades in your favorite markets.
The basic idea is to follow the price action signals. The dashed Atlas Line  tells you whether you will be seeing long or short signals. When price is below, all signals will be short (sell). When price is above the line, all signals will be long (buy). We teach you all the rules in the included training video, written/digital course, and live training session.
The Atlas Line software is very customizable. You can change a number of the color settings as well as the audio alert that plays when a signal appears. By default, we use a doorbell sound.
In this video, you’ll see just how powerful the Atlas Line® signals are.
Atlas Line® Trading Software
See multiple entry signals with forecasting and confirmation.
Atlas Line Indicator Software
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Are you tired of deciding how and when to enter trades using outdated methods, inaccurate indicators, or guessing? The Atlas Line trading software tells you exactly how and when to enter by plotting either a Long or Short entry signal at the moment you should enter. You will know exactly when to buy or sell the market AHEAD of big moves.
The plotted line provides you with a constant reference of how you should be trading (either Long or Short). When price is above the Atlas Line, stay Long. When below, stay Short. It’s that simple.
The Atlas Line trading software produces multiple Long and Short signals based on its proprietary algorithm. The line and generated order signals provide an indication of which way the market is expected to move. Instead of using multiple time frames or complex systems, use the Atlas Line to clear up inaccurate and conflicting signals. You can also use it as a filter for other strategies.
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