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Author: Andy Hafell

Together we can leave the world a smarter and better place for everyone. If you share information online you’re already on this mission together with me. You’re on the path to make the world a better place and help future generations get smarter and smarter.
People are leaving their jobs every day to educate, entertain and inspire others online. This is our mission and if you’re a person with a passion, knowledge or a drive to inspire others, we’re happy to welcome you to the passive affiliate tribe.
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Tube Takeoff

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Andy Hafell – Tube Takeoff 2.0 Download
“Tube Takeoff” is a digital video course featuring a mixture of hard Youtube teaching and instruction, along with psycho analysis of Youtube Videos working for me, and sometimes for my other members.
So you’ll see what’s worked and what didn’t work… What I’m doing in various niches (I have 4 channels now)… How I’m building my channels… And how you can apply what I’m doing to your Youtube Channels.
Each Module is packed with actionable techniques (and even templates, in some cases) designed to…
Get Your Channel
Lots Of Views and
Sales The Same Day
You Use Them!
This Unique Youtube Training
Makes Passive Income
The New Norm
Over The Shoulder Youtube Growth Training
Over The Shoulder Youtube Affiliate Marketing Training.
Ultimate Guide To The No-Face Youtube Method
Full Niche Channel Research Training Using My Methods.
Ultimate Guide To The Internet Marketing Niche On YouTube
Weekly Videos Including Q&A Sessions
Instant Youtube Channel Launch And Snowball Strategy
Making a Youtube Automation Assembly Line
Hiring One Person to Do All The Content Creation
Fill In The Blank Scripts for Finding and Hiring Employees

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