Andromeda Tradestation Systems + Manual


Andromeda Tradestation Systems + Manual


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Andromeda Tradestation Systems + Manual

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Andromeda – What You Get:

The Andromeda Info Manual – an information manual about Andromeda, its characteristics and trading systems in general. Important topics such as Optimization, Types of Drawdowns, Performance Issues and Position Sizing (Money Management) among others are covered.

Andromeda Portfolios & Performance – the result of exhaustive analysis and testing: numerous different recommended portfolios for small, medium, large and professional account sizes that apply Position Sizing (Money Management) strategies. Historical performance test results are provided in graphical format as well as detailed reports. This is an important manual and perhaps the one that will interest you the most; it provides the road map for Andromeda.

Andromeda TradeStation file compiled in version 9.0 – NO locks, required keys or passwords. The source code is fully viewable in

TradeStation’s development environment.

Andromeda: Named “Top 10 Most Consistent Performing Futures Trading System” 11 years in a row by Futures Truth

Long term trend following system. Released to the public in April 2002.

Andromeda Large Size Sample Portfolio Minimum Account Size: $80,000 Portfolio of 22 markets: Corn, Dollar Index, Palladium, Five Year T-Notes, Sugar, Euro Currency, Japanese Yen, Heating Oil, Natural, Gas, Kansas City Wheat, 10 Yr T-Note, Eurodollar, Swiss Franc, Australian Dollar, Feeder Cattle, Cotton, Rough Rice, 30 Yr U.S. Bonds,

2 Yr T-Notes, Crude Oil, Unleaded Gasoline, High Grade Copper

Tested Jan 1’st 1980 – Apr 15th, 2015. (35+ years)

$50 deducted per trade for commission & slippage

No Starting Capital Applied. Only Net Profits Shown

Based on single contracts per trade System Highlights:

Totally Mechanical: 100% objective trading systems – no guesswork or subjective interpretation. Based entirely on simple mathematical formulas.

A decade of POST-RELEASE profitable performance – yes there were losing periods/drawdowns (all systems have them), however Andromeda & Pegasus continued to perform as expected. They did not turn out to be just another new marketing sensation that fell apart and broke down a couple of years after release!

Fully Disclosed / Totally Transparent Systems: No black boxes, locks, required keys, passwords or anything of that nature. All rules and trading logic fully revealed and thoroughly explained in plain English. You will know and understand the logic and reasons behind each and every trade signal. Source code is also fully disclosed. TradeStation source code is fully viewable in TradeStation’s development environment. In summary: you will know as much as the developer – nothing held back!! Multi Commodity Systems: Trade profitably across a diverse spectrum of markets. Same rules and parameter values applied to all


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