Amibroker – Trading & Investing Automation for AmiBroker

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Amibroker - Trading & Investing Automation for AmiBroker

$31.97 $297.00

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Amibroker – Trading & Investing Automation for AmiBroker

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In this course we will explore how relatively easy it is to generate and process multiple independent trading strategies or investing strategy signals while using only one brokerage account, allowing us to manage and diversify portfolios and to reduce the effort and time spent daily.

Learn How to Automate Your Portfolio-level Trading  & Investing Strategies with AmiBroker, Interactive Brokers and Alera Portfolio Manager.

(Two trading strategy implementation examples along with code are provided for instructional purposes only, within the course – RSI-2 Reversion Strategy using limit orders, and, a Simple MACD Strategy using MOC/MOO orders).

(Note: Alera Portfolio Manager only currently supports Interactive Brokers and US stock trading at the present time.  More brokers and instruments are planned in the future.)

In this course, we will teach AmiBroker users how to generate — and semi or fully automate — buy and sell signals for multi-strategy, multi-system and portfolio-level trading and investing.

APM allows users to remove the complexities of broker integration for semi and fully automated, multi-strategy and especially portfolio-level trading and investing.


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