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AmiBroker - Combo 4 New Courses From AmiBroker

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Combo 4 New Courses of AmiBroker by Matt Radtke

The Comprehensive Series to Unlock The Power of AmiBroker Platform

The Combo 4 New Courses of AmiBroker by Matt Radtke walks you through the detailed instruction of how to make good use of AmiBroker for the top-out profitability at the lowest risk-taking. There are four sub-courses in this series providing the deep – dives into the benefits that AmiBroker can generate in the process of strategy development. The following content illuminates some of highlights in the Combo 4 New Courses of AmiBroker. 

1. The AmiBroker Custom Back-Tester Intensive course

The components inside the AmiBroker are openly shared in this course, which helps you understand more about how to utilise this platform. For example, you will learn how to construct data in AmiBroker for the market analysis in the AmiBroker Custom Back-Tester Intensive course. The common mistakes are mentioned along with the best practices to help you gain the best out of the AmiBroker platform.

2. The Programming Adaptive Strategies in AmiBroker course

The market regimes, their benefits and the metrics as well as the AFL updates, etc. are shared in the course. The insights drawn from these functions can help you program the strategies that respond to the market changes. It explains why this course is called the Programming Adaptive Strategies in AmiBroker.  

3. The Building Rotational Systems in AmiBroker course

Mentioning the rotation, it makes you think about the loop of automation. Leveraging the insights from the previous courses, the Building Rotational Systems in AmiBroker course levels up the understanding and knowledge of the trading strategies and tactics. The time and efforts in monitoring can be cut down after taking this course, with the aid of the rotation concept. 

4. The Trading and Investing Automation for AmiBroker course

Your trading portfolio is guided to become an automated system with the aid of AmiBroker, which is a prelude to the automation process of investing strategies. The Trading and Investing Automation for AmiBroker course is also packed with the bonus of AFL Strategy Code Scripts.

About Matt Radtke

Matt Radtke has been fascinated by the AmiBroker platform since the first time of getting access to this platform. Leveraging his knowledge of software engineering, Matt Radtke can utilize the superior functions of AmiBroker, such as the market analysis and trading automation, etc. along with his own variations to fit his style. Matt Radtke shares his knowledge and experience of AmiBroker trading with many traders through his online courses. The back-testing results of Matt Radtke’s frameworks are also shared in these courses to prove the robustness. If you want to master the AmiBroker platform, taking Matt Radtke’s online courses is highly recommended as the starting points. 





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