Alphee Lavoie – Neural Networks in Financial Astrology

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Author: Alphee Lavoie

The Astrological Institute of Research (AIR) has provided astrology software since 1979.  Alphee Lavoie has been a full-time professional astrologer since 1965.  He was the first to offer astrology research software in 1980.  The AstroInvestigators started in 2002 and have provided many research studies and articles to the astrological community.

Neural Networks in Financial Astrology

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AIR Software (USA) has created a new program, Market Trader Expert, to analyze the all stockmarkets. This program uniquely combines methods of technical analysis with astrological insights.This software program is a first because of the newest, latest, cutting edge mathematicaltechniques. In a nutshell, the main idea of the program is to analyze a market within a userspecified time interval and predict its movements. In order to accomplish this we create marketmodels with the program, optimize them within a previously defined time interval and then make a prediction into the future.My software partner, Alphee Lavoie, and I have done extensive research in the stock markets.


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