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From The Interaction between Sellers and Buyers To The Understanding of Volumes and Price Movements – Supply and Demand Trading by Alfonso Moreno 

The trading market is only possible when there is a need to buy and sell the securities, which shows how important it is to learn about such interaction. Supply and Demand Trading by Alfonso Moreno shows the essence of the trading market by getting you back to the basics of how the market is built. The deep dive into Supply and Demand Trade course will clarify why and how the volume and price movements are created. The imbalances between the supply and demand are pointed out, through the rigorous chart analysis and the guideline to gain the insights. 

The techniques of proper analysis and the common targets are openly shared in the Supply and Demand Trading course, including candlestick, price action, trendlines, price momentum, etc. As a result of the insights drawn from such analysis, you will be instructed on how to build up a viable plan for the stable flow of profits. The Supply and Demand Trading by Alfonso Moreno, who has been professionally trading for years. Thus, the important role of psychology knowledge is also highlighted in the course because it contributes to the emotion control, which is the key to unlocking the long – lasting trading career.

Who Is Alfonso Moreno?

Alfonso Moreno
Alfonso Moreno

Alfonso Moreno is the man behind the online platform specialised in Supply and Demand trading, Set and Forget. Not trained as a professional trader, Alfonso Moreno has self – taught the trading knowledge and skills through the first – hands experience, which has helped him understand the trading market in a striking way. Therefore, you will find the courses of Set and Forget less academic but more straight to the points. Alfonso Moreno knows how to simplify the trading knowledge and techniques to help you understand them as quickly as possible.

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