Alexandertrading – Trade Lessons Archive

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Alexandertrading - Trade Lessons Archive

$33.97 $997.00

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Alexandertrading – Trade Lessons Archive

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Topics covered include:

  • Trade set-ups
  • How to identify which side of a market to trade
  • How to enter
  • Money management concepts, and…
  • How and why to focus on trading expectancy

The Trade Lesson Archive is a compilation of over 70 Trade Lessons covering 1 ½ years of trading from June 2013 – December 2014.

The total duration of these trade lessons is over 6 ½ hours! These are Trade Lessons produced in real-time from actual market scenarios that were occurring in across a broad spectrum of markets.

The trade lessons feature the S&P mini, the British Pound, Copper, Crude, Soybean Meal, Russell 2000, Feeder Cattle, the Canadian Dollar and many more futures and commodities.

While most of the Trade Lessons use commodity, the exact same concepts apply to trading stocks and ETFs.

There are many specific Trade Lessons that focus on how to use stock market internals when making decisions about trading.

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