Alan Parry – Matrix Options

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Alan Parry – Matrix Options

$29.97 $1,297.00

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Alan Parry – Matrix Options

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This is a bold statement for anyone to make, but you will see why it is true. It has to do with probabilities;

We all know about probabilities because we have bought a Lotto ticket or bet on a horse, or have played Poker. Most of the time the odds of winning big are so stacked against you that it is virtually a miracle if you win. Most trading is no different; if you buy stocks, trade Forex, or buy a futures contract, the statistical odds against your winning are less than 50%. However, there is one method of trading that has statistical odds in your favor, sometimes as high as 90% or better!

I know this sounds too good to be true, but bear with me as I show you how this is possible, and how this method can help you earn consistent profits. The “big guys” in the trading world know this secret, and they are not too keen for everyone else to know about it. It is called “premium accumulation,” and it works by selling options.

I base my trading on four simple maxims:

1. To make the most money,

2.  in the shortest possible time,

3. with the least risk,

4. and with the highest probability of success.

Obviously these four criteria have to be optimized for the best results. We all would like to find a trade in which we could risk $100 for 10 minutes with a 100% certainty of making $1,000,000. Unfortunately, such trades do not come along very often! But by selling options we can optimize these four criteria to find trades that are really worth making.



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