Master Trader – Advander Management Strategies (AMS)

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Master Trader - Advander Management Strategies (AMS)

$95.97 $795.00

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Author: Master Trader

The Master Trader Method is based on what we call “Techno-Fundamentals” that combines Market Internals, Inter-market Analysis and Technical Analysis for maximum accuracy. At MasterTrader, you will learn to objectively evaluate the broader markets, sectors and stocks of interest with confidence in your trading and investing decisions.

Advander Management Strategies (AMS)

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Learn the art of making consistent money utilizing Gapping stocks to your best advantage with the help of Master Trader – Advanced Gap Trading Strategies course


 Master Trader – Advanced Gap Trading Strategies course is designed to help the newbies and professional traders kick start their gap trading with minimal risk. With the master trader 7-point gap rating system, Master Trader has devised a system that makes trading gaps easy for traders. In this course, several modules are designed to help you understand the gap trading better with the help of real-life market scenarios. This course helps you understand the systematic method with the help of which you will be able to identify the gapping stocks that have a high probability of generating consistent income on a weekly or monthly basis. If you want to earn big money just trading gaps, then this course is for you!


Some of the major highlights of the Gap trading course include:

Master Trader 7-point gap rating system

 Master Trader Money Gap

Gap trading

7 action price patterns

Combine 24-hour time frame

 lower down time frames to indicate entry points

What You Will Learn in

 With Master Trader – Advanced Gap Trading Strategies course, you’ll learn:

7-point rating system

At the core of this course is the 7-point rating system that eliminates the tiresome guesswork out of Gap trading.

Difference between Gaps

The difference between novice and professional Gaps and how to exploit them

Combine-time frame

How and when to combine the 24-hour time frame

sional morning Gap list

How to create and maintain a professional morning gap list

7 price action patterns

The patterns that signal the time is near to enter the trade

Combining frames

How to combine intra-day and daily time frames

Benefits of this course and what you will gain?

With the help of the Master Trader – Advanced Gap Trading Strategies course, you will learn the Master Trader 7-point gap rating system that guides you on trading the stock in the right direction. When you use the Master Trader Money Gap strategies, you will have a higher probability of gaining big money on your stocks. Consequently, you can earn a consistent income by gap trading and make a living for yourself just trading gaps.

Author and Pricing

This Master Trader – Advanced Gap Trading Strategies course by Master trader is offered at the introductory price of$795. The author of the course is Grep Capra. With decades of experience in the trading and investing markets, Greg has come up with a system of strategies that work wonders in the trading market defying the traditional indicator methodologies. When you sign up for this course, you will get Greg’s own Gap Trading page that contains all the Gap scans so you won’t miss a gap trading opportunity.

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